About Afton Township

In Illinois, the township form of government was established November 6, 1849. Afton Township was formed on February 18, 1856 from portions of DeKalb Township and Clinton Township. Afton Township is one of the 19 townships within DeKalb County.

Historical Afton Township included several communities including Afton Center, Elva and McGirr. The original town of Elva was named after Joseph Glidden’s daughter. Mr. Glidden was one of the famed entrepreneurs in long-ago DeKalb. Mr. Glidden determined there was a need for a town approximately 5 miles south of the town of DeKalb. Maps from the 1890’s show the village of Elva with the tall, brick grain elevator and train station just south of the main road (Elva Road) through town.

Afton Township maintains the Elva Town Hall and Afton Cemetery. Afton Township is bordered on the North by Gurler Road, on the South by Miller Road, on the East by Howison Road and on the West by Anderland Road. The majority of Afton Township is considered unincorporated DeKalb, although there are portions of the township annexed to the city of DeKalb, while a few other areas are considered as unincorporated Waterman and Hinckley.

Township responsibilities include 1) the assessment of real property for the basis of local taxation, 2) general assistance for qualifying residents, and 3) the maintenance of roads and bridges in the township outside federal, state, and other local jurisdiction. Your township trustees are your elected representatives who realize that every dollar spent within the township comes from the tax dollars provided by neighbors. Fiscal integrity and stewardship are their priority.