Afton Township Supervisor

randall j bourdages

Randall J. Bourdages


Phone: 815-756-4255

Statutorily defined as the chief executive officer of the township, the township supervisor fulfills a key leadership role as the manager of financial affairs in the township, coordinator of township programs, and administrator of day-to-day activities in the office.

The township supervisor prepares the town levy and the road commissioner prepares the road and bridge levy. The township board adopts the levies and the budget and appropriation ordinances for the town and the road and bridge funds.

In addition, the supervisor is:  A voting member and chair of the township board of trustees, overseer to the General Assistance Program, the treasurer of all township funds and ex-officio treasurer of the road district.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests can be directed in writing to:

 Afton Township FOIA Officer, Randall J. Bourdages, at

General Assistance

The DeKalb Township GA Office has full-time, trained staff members who process applications for general assistance funding. Like other townships in DeKalb County, Afton Township contracts with the DeKalb Township GA office to process applications submitted by our township residents. When general assistance cases from our township meet eligibility requirements for approval, the approved funding is provided by Afton Township. Applications from Afton Township residents should be submitted to:

 DeKalb Township GA office

2323 S. Fourth Street

 DeKalb, IL 60115.