Afton Township Road District

wagon in front of barn

Highway Commissioner James J. Elliott, Jr.
(815) 756-4255
After Hours to Report a Road Concern
Phone the DeKalb County Sheriff (815) 899-0727

The Afton Township Highway Department is responsible for more than 40 miles of roads and bridges within the township jurisdiction. Roads within Afton Township’s boundaries are:

Keslinger Road
Elva Road
Minnegan Road
McGirr Road
Leland Road
Howison Road

Afton Road
Crego Road
Willow Run
Country Lane
South First Street
Anderland Road

Services Provided By The Afton Township Highway Department

  • Mow the ditches along the road right-of-way
  • Maintain road name signs, other road signs, and sign posts
  • Pick up garbage and debris in the ditches along the road right-of-way
  • Plow snow and provide ice control, using a sand/salt mix
  • Repair and maintain township roads and ditches
  • Trim and remove trees located in the road right-of-way that may cause hazardous situations
  • Issue Culvert Permits
    • Culvert Permits are the only permits that Afton Township provides. All other permits are issues from the DeKalb County Highway Department by phoning 815-756-9513.
  • Spring Sweeping of Excess Sand/Salt Mix


Afton Township Highway Department is dedicated to doing the best job of snow removal within the constraints of township resources. Logistics and conditions determine where plowing begins and when the job is finished – which road is plowed first, and which road is plowed last.

We operate on routes designed to best utilize our equipment and to give the fastest, most economic service possible. Factors, including when the snow starts and stops, how wet or deep, and wind speed and direction all affect the timing, method, and success of removal. There are times when it is impossible to make progress, and we have to dealy starting or pull off the road. And, there are times and conditions where we may only plow to keep roads open.

Your understand and cooperation are very important to our efforts. With the best planning and efforts, there are still things that go wrong. If you need to report special problems, please call 815-756-4255 and leave a message. Snow crews can operate all hours of the night, so patience and understanding can go a long way.

Below are common issues that require your cooperation with the Afton Township Highway Department. Most issues relate to the “Road Right-Of-Way”, which is defined by the Illinois Department of Transportation as, “the land, or interest therein, acquired for or devoted to a roadway.” According to this statute, the township doesn’t own the land on both sides of the highway/roadway, but rather has an easement or a right to use the land for highway/roadway purposes. That easement is a public right-of-way. Although public easement instances vary, the State of Illinois recognizes 33 feet from the center line of the roadway.

Homeowners who place objects within the easement of right-of-way be liable for any damages or injuries that those objects may cause to Afton Township Road District equipment and/or personnel.


  • Landscaping close to the roads. For the safety of our snowplow crew, items such as rocks, bushes, fences, hedge-walls and timbers should NOT be placed in the right-of-way. When placing markers of any kind, they must be 18 inches off the road. The markers must also be break-away for the safety of our drivers and equipment.
  • These rights-of-way serve many purposes,  including allowing crews to push snow off the pavement several feet to make room for future snowfall.
  • Damage to any obstructions (railroad ties, boulders, posts, cars, etc.) on the right-of-way will be the responsibility of the homeowner, as these obstructions are in violation of State Statutes.
  • At no time should piles of snow from driveways be pushed into the street as this can crease hazardous conditions for the plow and driver.


  • Mailboxes are in conflict with efforts to clear snow from the roads.
    • Most mailboxes, if properly placed and installed, will withstand heavy snow or slush that is discharged from a plow. The township will NOT be responsible for damage done to mailboxes knocked down by heavy snow or slush.
    • There are times, when under difficult winter conditions, a plow may knock down a mailbox. If the mailbox is property located and maintained, Afton Township Road District will replace the damaged mailbox with a regulation box (not necessarily an exact replacement).
    • Each property owner is responsible for the condition of their mailbox and the approach to them. Poorly maintained mailboxes may be lost to conditions other than damage by a plow.
    • The homeowner is responsible for all damage other than a plow striking their mailbox.


  • An unavoidable result of plowing snow is a ridge of snow along the road and at the end of driveways. Operators do what they can to minimize this when possible
  • When clearing snow from your driveway, pile it to the right side (the side away from approaching traffic), as this will minimize the snow ridge on your drive.


  • Are difficult to plow, please be aware that the township snow parking ordinance prohibits vehicles from being parked on streets after 1 1/2 inches of snowfall until the street has been plowed or up to 48 hours afterward
  • The Township will not plow a cul-de-sac with parked cars.


  • Should be placed in your driveway and kept off the roads.


  • Afton Township Road District will NOT assist in pulling out stuck vehicles. We do not accept the liability.
  • Call a local towing service should your vehicle get stuck.

Please slow down and drive carefully at all times, and especially during adverse conditions.